Thieves among us

Heather Lowrie is wondering why — on her last night of employment, at a restaurant whose closing had been widely announced in advance — a patron would steal more than $200 from her service pouch and more than $400 from her purse, along with her cell phone, a string of pearls and a valuable wine key given to her by a friend since deceased.

Heather was a server at Merenda Restaurant & Wine Bar, which locked its doors late Sunday night.  The three amigos behind the bar,  Rod, Marcus and Eric, announced last call around 9 o’clock.  Chef-owner Jody Denton invited a significant handful of “family and friends” to dawdle as he made a farewell toast to the restaurant.

Some friends.

“I hope that their purchases be as empty as their hearts,” said Heather, who was rightfully devastated by the incident.

Heather is 33, a happy and hard-working woman with a husband and children at home, and a positive spiritual outlook on life.  The theft of $600 hurts. But she said the loss of the irreplaceable gift hurts most of all.

It is incredible to me that people can be so low as to be welcomed to another’s home — and a restaurant like Merenda is a home to its family of cooks, servers and bartenders — and (literally) bite the hand that feeds them. </p>
Something similar happened to me last May.  Many of my Bend readers know that I throw a big party at my home on the Saturday following Cinco de Mayo each year. In 2008, I put out a fishbowl for donations, to help me pay off the band, disc jockeys and caterers.  There were several hundred dollars left in it after I paid the musicians.  But by the end of the night, the fishbowl had disappeared.  The next morning, I found it outside the house, empty.</p>
At first I was angry, but anger would only increase my blood pressure.  I decided the thief must have needed the money worse that I did.  And as a person who believes in karma, I know it will come back around to him or her.</p>
But imagine: Invite someone into your home, or your restaurant, with a trusting heart … and they rip you off.  It leaves a terribly empty feeling.</p>
Heather, I hope your thief learns a good life lesson when his account comes due.


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2 responses to “Thieves among us

  1. Thieves and Liars.


  2. This is incredibly sad…makes you wonder about what motivates some people.

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