Switching to digital television (DTV)

Have you taken the steps to change your television to digital reception?

Today (Feb. 17) was the original date by which all Analog (antennae) signals were to be halted by local television stations across the United States.  Then the DTV (digital television) transition date was rescheduled to June 12.  But it gets confusing, as more than 500 of America’s local TV stations had requested an early changeover. Some of those are already broadcasting only digitally, including KOHD, Bend’s ABC affiliate, which immediately began DTV transition when it began service two years ago. 

Barb Gonzalez

Barb Gonzalez

Barb Gonzalez, the Simple Tech Guru (and author of the book “Home Theater Made Simple”), is putting together a series of short video spots to answer questions about the switch from Analog to DTV.  (I’m the guy holding the camera.)  If you have any confusion, please go to the attached link, and check back in with Barb every couple of days. 

This is the future of television, and there will be no going back. So, please, share this information with everyone you know.    http://homeelectronicssurvival.wordpress.com/


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