The hotty Tati hot dog party

     Tatiana Aceijas Quiroz Haverly is just like any other young married woman in Bend. And she wants to stay here.
     All right, so maybe the 23-year-old Peruvian with the Russian name and the American husband isn’t exactly like the other women you know. But she’s been in Central Oregon long enough to feel as though she belongs.

Rose Makena and Tatiana Haverly

Rose Makena and Tatiana Haverly

     Tati, as her friends know her, worked at Mount Bachelor as a lift operator during the winter of 2005-06. She fell in love with a young cook named Aubrey Haverly, and when she returned the following year, they became engaged … and were married on April 17, 2007. Tati works as a hostess and server at Staccato. Aubrey, 28, is a prep cook at the Bend Brewing Company.
     U.S. immigration authorities, however, haven’t been as welcoming to Tati as has Oregon. In fact, Homeland Security recently informed her that they intend to deny her a “Green Card” for permanent residence. If she’s unable to obtain one, she’ll have to return to Lima, Peru.
     Tati has hired an immigration attorney. But lawyers don’t come cheap, especially for young food-service workers. A $5,000 retainer, due by the Haverlys’ anniversary, would be impossible to gather.
     Enter Rose Makena, a well-known Bend caterer and pastry chef. Rose is hosting the “Hotty Tati Hot Dog Paaty” at her Brookswood-area home on Saturday afternoon. The Hottest Dog is providing hot dogs. Deschutes Brewery is providing beer. Mark and Linda Quon are providing music from noon to 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person, which will get each individual a giant dog and a beer or a soda. Spa services are being contributed (10-minute chair massages for $5), along with raffle items and more.
     The party will be at 61017 S.W. Lodgepole Drive, and it will continue as late as well-wishers keep dropping by. Call 541-913-6693 for more information.


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  1. Rose Makena


    Thank you so much for posting this. We are looking forward to a great party! Everyone is welcome.

    Huge Hug,


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