Naked Sushi Comes to Portland

I received a press release the other day inviting me to attend a naked sushi presentation next month in Portland.

Playboy model Spring Jackson, a Beaverton native, will offer her ample charms to sushi chef Ty Yamamoto, who will adorn her tanned skin with sashimi, sushi and maki rolls.  (Yes, the model in the photo is Spring.)

I haven’t decided whether to attend or not.  The demonstration is part of Sake Fest PDX (, which is being hosted by The Governor Hotel.

But I wonder how many guests will actually be interested in the selections of sake, or in the small plates offered by a dozen Portland restaurants … and how many will be there to dine on body shots.

Yamamoto, I am told, is a master of an imperial Japanese art known as nyotaimori, or “female body presentation.”  He has demonstrated his art in major cities across the country.

“I like the erotic and sensuality that the nyotaimori can bring to food,” Yamamoto says.  “As a chef, my goal is always to create food that truly awakens you, stimulates you visually, and excites your taste senses.”

A final note from the event promoters:

“It is hygienically safe to eat from Spring’s body via a specially placed membrane preventing contamination.”

In other words, she’ll be wearing a yum-yum condom.



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2 responses to “Naked Sushi Comes to Portland

  1. For clarification purposes, Sake Fest PDX guests will NOT be eating from a semi-nude woman’s body! Nyotaimori is for DISPLAY purposes only!

  2. For additional clarification purpose, this comment that was printed on your blog site was taken way out of text “In other words, she’ll be wearing a yum-yum condom.” I believe that you owe Spring Jackson an apology for that posted comment.

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