BendFilm: Children and Machines

“In two minutes or less,” I said to Landon Zakheim, “tell me what your film is about.”

Not coincidentally, the film that Landon has written and produced—“Delmer Builds a Machine”—is just two minutes long.


Landon Zakheim


“It is a short film about a little boy who builds a machine,” he said. “And if I tell you any more, you don’t ever have to see it.

“What it ends up doing is a surprise.”

“Delmer” premiered last night at the 7th annual BendFilm festival, in a slot just before Jim Carrey’s “I Love You Phillip Morris.” It got rousing applause from the packed house at the Old Mill Regal 5 Cinema.

It will be shown again twice more today at the Regal 5, as well as today and tomorrow at the Sisters Movie House.

“I have gotten it into 26 festivals so far,” said the filmmaker.

So, who is Landon Zakheim?, I asked.

“My bio says that Landon Zakheim enjoys writing about himself in the third person,” Landon Zakheim responded.

“I’m a festival rat. Since 2006, I’ve been working in film festivals. For half the year, I’m the programming coordinator in Los Angeles for the Sundance Film Festival (held in Park City, Utah, in late January).

“This year we got 10,000 submissions. We get so many submissions, it’s kind of a problem, to tell you the truth.”


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