Update: The Scoop on ex-Marz

 The Central Oregon restaurant that soon will be known as Gatsby’s Brasserie Bar will have a Roaring ’20s theme, according to Bend restaurateur Gavin McMichael.

“You are going to see a metro Chicago-New York dining place, celebrating the cocktail society of that era,” said McMichael, who purchased Marz, as it has so far been known, in September.

“It will have brass tabletops and lush red-velvet booths, beautiful mirrors, framed windows, a big wood door and an awning out front.

“The menu will feature American classics — dishes like chicken Tetrazzini, first made at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco for an Italian opera singer, Luisa Tetrazzini. We’ll have beef bourguignon and stroganoff, roasted chicken and a classic burger.

“A bistro chalkboard will list our daily blue-plate specials, and I’ll be in the kitchen myself the first couple of months.”

McMichael said the full bar would also specialize in pre-Prohibition era cocktails and liquors.

A projected January 19 opening will depend upon how quickly the new restaurant passes City licensing requirements. For now, it remains Marz open for Wednesday-to-Friday lunch and Wednesday-toSaturday dinner through January 15.

Gatsby’s celebrates the famed F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of the Deco era, The Great Gatsby.

McMichael denied a rumor that he had purchased the El Jimador Mexican restaurant in downtown Bend with the intention of converting it to a Chinese eatery.

“That was just one of many places I’ve been looking at,” he said. “No papers were ever signed. The opportunity didn’t make sense.”


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